Sitton Peak


Near Lake Elsinore, CA

Activity: Peak Bagging, Hiking

Distance 10 miles, duration 6.5 hours, 2037’ elevation change, rated HARD

Date: 2-18-20

“Light Weight Luggage”

Sitton Peak is the first of the So Cal Six Pack of Peaks Challenge. It is one of the top 12 Peaks, and is at the lowest of the altitudes so it is a good place to begin if you are aspiring to be a Peak Bagger. Besides that it is a great hike. You will need an Adventurers Pass for parking. Much of the way along the Sitton Peak Truck Trail, as the tail is named, is fairly moderate as the trail travels through desert scrub brush know as chaparral. Your journey has plenty of hills and mountains to checkout along the way.

The final push is what gets tough and some scrambling is involved- sturdy trail runners or hiking boots are recommended as it is rocky, slippery, and steep. Also be sure to bring plenty of water as there is very little shade. The views are great from the top, which is to be expected after all it’s a peak. You will enjoy some of the best views in Orange County and the Inland Empire.

I did this hike with my friend Fabian, my workout partner, who hails from Colombia and his family traditions brings us that cup of Joe that we enjoy in the morning. He is no stranger to hiking as the coffee plantation is in a mountainous area.

During the hike we spoke about the idea behind “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure” and Fabian explains during the video, in his thick Columbia’s accent, what he calls “Light Weight Luggage”, you can take a listen to his philosophy for yourself, but I believe that he is basically saying that with our jobs, relationships, responsibilities, and just the trials and tribulations of life, we are weighed down by this luggage, and when you go out into nature, and on adventure then you are able to shed some of that weigh on your shoulders, to let that go for a little while and truly experience hills, mountains, canyons, peaks, wildlife, and so forth. The experience of adventure and that letting go is what helps us regain the balance we all seek. So, I thought that “Light Weight Luggage” was a pretty good take on “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure“.

Official PBTA Sitton Peak Video
“I think sometimes we just need an unplanned adventure, the open road with no map, and peace and quiet to cleanse the chaos and the bullshit from our soul.” – Brooke Hampton

Thanks for joining Fabian and I as we found ourselves at the top of Sitton Peak looking out at nature “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure“, and attempting to un-shoulder some of the burden of life. “Light Weight Luggage” was the theme and I think that our quest was successful as we enjoyed the trek, sunshine, views, fresh air and nature. Be sure to FOLLOW, SHARE, COMMENT, and by all means LIKE this post so that you will not miss out on the next adventure. Speaking of that, go to the menu there are plenty of places to be “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure” and lighten that load with the philosophy of “Light Weight Luggage”. Each location is an individual website and thus needs to be followed separately. If you want a Panama hat like Fabians well… I guess go to South America, but if you want a “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure” logo cap like mine all you have to do is go to SHOP APPAREL.

Happy Trails to you and all your friends,

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure

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